What I Love About My Improv Community

I need to create something POSITIVE in the wreck of a week.  So, on the fly I’m bringing back gratitude!  There’s so much more to say about all of you, and if this… Continue reading

My Interview with Will Hines (Intro by Dan Maher)

Will Hines is a deeply respected man of improv.  One that I have very little experience with.  I wanted to do him justice, and although I’m proud of my interview with him below… Continue reading

Happiness in jars, blogging & being Beyonce

I started a Happiness Jar this year.  Some may find it silly, but it will give me something nice to look at on New Year’s Eve; a holiday I hate.  It’s just a… Continue reading

My Psycho Fun Weekend at the 3rd Steel Stacks Improv Comedy Festival

I was in a pretty bad car accident on Friday morning.  Yeah.  Some girl plowed right into my passenger side door.  Just shredded the door. The door was inverted into my car’s frame.… Continue reading

An Interview With DeSales University Improv

KAT:  How did this group come about?  How did you come to be in it? Claire: “I began this group in the Fall of 2013, my sophomore year at DeSales. It began because… Continue reading

You Can’t Handle Mandudebro with Chris Gethard!

I’ve been in serious, horrible pain from from tonsillitis all this week.  I was beginning to think that I wouldn’t make it to tonight’s Mandudebro show with special guest Chris Gethard, but then… Continue reading

Gratitude and Goodwill 2015

This year I did it a little differently.  I’m grateful to all of you this year… Colleen Albright:  Thank you for being such a great friend and a smart woman to know.  Smart,… Continue reading

An Interview With Aliens That Are Ancient

When you blog about the Lehigh Valley improv scene, you see a lot of crazy stuff go down on stage.  This year was no exception.  Last May my friends Jon Lunger and Matt… Continue reading

An Interview with Jed and Dan

For the past several months I along the rest of the Lehigh Valley improv community have been enjoying the duoprov of “Jed and Dan”.  They seem to have a natural undeniable chemistry that… Continue reading

Unmissable Shows at the Scranton Fringe Festival

I met Conor O’Brien last year at Blogcon where he was Master of Ceremonies.  While on break from listening to the lectures, I read some bios of people there.  I was delighted to… Continue reading

Meet the Phantoms’ Arena Host Ben Youngerman

Photo By:  Jim Trocchio Photography I first saw Ben performing with the Flighty Ducks back in 2013 at Hello Burrito in Bethlehem.  Shortly after that I saw him on TV.  I was flipping through channels… Continue reading

Fresh Talent is Showcased at ArtsQuest’s Improv Comedy Power Hour Shows

Last year I got to be a part of something really incredible.  I was cast in one of the two first Artsquest Improv House Teams, named “Lemming Juice”. It ended up being very… Continue reading

Discover Your Creative Side; Take an Improv Class!

Three years ago I started my journey in improv, and it’s been a fun roller coaster ever since!  I moved here from Northern VA back in 2007, and after five years I still… Continue reading

Yes, and….sometimes “no”

I started this blog with a very clear mission statement.  To champion my friends.  What I failed to consider at the time was how hard that might be to do after not getting… Continue reading

My First Del Close Marathon 2015

I’m constantly checking my purse.  Wallet, cell phone, tickets, camera, and keys.  In that order.  All weekend long.  Yes, I was that nervous about coming to New York for Del Close Marathon. I… Continue reading

An Interview with Mike Kelton

Mike Kelton is one of the funniest guys I’ve seen.  From the moment I first met him at the 2nd Annual St Steel Stacks Improv Comedy Festival this past January I knew he… Continue reading

Big Laughs at Happy Yellow Flowers and Lexington Compost

I started writing this blog a little over a year ago knowing that I’d never be short of great things to write about.  We are surrounded by such massive talent here.  Last night… Continue reading

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff….in improv

I’m such a LIAR.  I always sweat the small stuff.  Improv is no exception for me.  I even sweated on what I should name this article for goodness sake!  Ask any of my… Continue reading

Improv Comedy Power Hour at Steel Stacks -YOU NEED TO GO!

Magic happened tonight at the Steel Stacks Thursday night Improv Comedy Power Hour!  No seriously.  Magic HAPPENED!  Matt Candio slipped into the role of a waiter magician who worked at Applebees and Outback… Continue reading

An Interview with TJ and Dave

  Nearly three weeks ago my heart was palpitating.  There it was.  Starring back at me from my e-mail’s inbox.  An e-mail from Dave Pasquesi simply stating:  “How should we proceed?”   This… Continue reading

An Interview with Kat Aldrich by Elizabeth Cavaseno

To celebrate the year anniversary of Never Done Blog.  I interviewed the visionary mind behind everything, Kathleen. Never Done Again has been a great resource, celebrating the accomplishments of our scene and inspiring… Continue reading

An Interview With Matt Holmes

  I first read about Matt Holmes and his show “Matt &” last year at the 1st Steel Stack Improv Comedy Festival.  I was reading an article written about the festival in the… Continue reading

An Interview With Jon Lunger

I know what your thinking.  Again?  Really?  Your interviewing Jon Lunger AGAIN!?  And you’d be wrong.  Yes it’s true.  I haven’t interviewed Jon.   I had Jon do a small piece on himself… Continue reading

An Interview with Morgan Phillips

  I had to do a very scary thing last night.  I had to perform improv (via the internet) with a 20 year beloved veteran of the craft.  Why?  Well there are few… Continue reading

An Interview with Giulia Rozzi

In 2006 Giulia was having a very bleak period in her life. She lost her passion for comedy, and suddenly decided to stop her comedy, move out of the city, get married to… Continue reading

My Truth about our Improv Comuunity

It’s 3:43 am.  This is the hardest writing assignment I’ve ever given myself.  I have to write it now though while it’s all still fresh in my mind. It’s hard because it’s about… Continue reading

An Interview With Jimmy Carrane

You know that feeling you get inside when you just can’t believe this is REALLY HAPPENING?  That’s the feeling I had 4 months ago!  I had JUST finished reading Jimmy’s book “Improv Therapy”… Continue reading

An Interview with Amey Goerlich

Why didn’t I interview Amey months ago?  I wish I had, as she’s simply amazing!  She’s learned under Armando Diaz, invented a form of improv with her team, is about to be featured… Continue reading

Improv Memories and Goodwill Part 2

  New Year’s Eve!  I’ve never been much for New Year’s Eve if I’m being honest.  I DO however love looking back on things and love looking ahead to making things better!  So… Continue reading

“My Improv Hero” by Dan Maher

“Who is your improv hero?” is a loaded question. I don’t have one person I can point to and say, “This person above all others inspires me and rescues me from dangerous improv… Continue reading

An Interview with Elizabeth Cavaseno

  It’s hard to talk about Elizabeth without mentioning my beginnings here and how I myself got started in improv, and that’s really a story I was planning on telling another time.  I… Continue reading

WAY TO GO ELIZABETH CAVASENO! First Woman 401 UCB Grad in our “Group”!

See this woman?  She is a force!  She is amazing!  She’s also the FIRST WOMAN in our little band of Lehigh Valley players that has just GRADUATED from the UCB 401 Class! This… Continue reading

An Interview with Andy Pollack

1983 was a great year.  It brought us Return of the Jedi, Sally Ride, and of course…the Chicken McNugget.  It also brought us “Lehigh Valley’s Greatest Living Celebrity”:  ANDY POLLACK!  1983 was a… Continue reading

An Interview With Evan Stutts

Evan Stutts is awesome.  I’ll tell you why.  A few months ago I had this idea in my head for a video.  It was crazy.  No one was gonna agree to do it.… Continue reading

An Interview with Mike Luciano

Mike Luciano was one of the first friends I made here through improv.  I first got to know him when he noticed me and Elizabeth Cavaseno at our Grad Show from Josh Neth’s… Continue reading

Thank You Thor! Best of Luck!

Last night Mandudebro had a show and said goodbye to “Thor”.  Brad “Thor” Rissmiller has been the tech guy for most all the improv shows at ArtsQuest Steels Stacks.  He is now leaving… Continue reading


I’m home.  Sick and congested.  Mostly sick that I am not there celebrating with the GLORIOUS Flighty Ducks and their 2nd year of hosting jams!  I’m so happy for these guys!  They have… Continue reading